Awards Program Temporarily Closed You May, if you wish, Still send in your applications
They will be processed however it may be a while.
Please accept my apologies, Thank you.

We have been upgrading and making changes to our Awards program both in the Graphics area and the criteria. The Purpose remains the same.

To acknowledge our appreciation & gratitude for dedicated work and efforts. Please read all of our Rules & Criteria and Private policy statement before you apply. Our Rules & Criteria are simple, but effective, so if your site does not fit within these guidelines, please do not apply until your site is ready. All Sites MUST MEET The following to be considered for an Award All sites Must be safe for family and child viewers
by means of content and links. In other words.. Please know who your site is linked to.. We do check ~ We go by the rating standards set at ~ Safe Surf All Sites MUST be in English, or offer a FULL translation. We apologize for this rule to sites of honor and integrity, however, if we can not read it, we can not know that.

Signing our guest book is not required, in order to win an award. However we do consider it to be an act of kindness and common courtesy. We enjoy hearing from our visitors very much. And would like to encourage our viewers to sign guest books they find on the sites they visit. Guest book signatures will not affect your award application in anyway

"Special Awards"

These awards are presented to only "2" sites per month.
(with the exception of our "Valor" Award)
One is Awarded to sites of inspirational or humanitarian value, and the other for all
other categories.
These awards can not be applied for.
All sites considered for these awards are found in our guest book,
our own web surfing.
Or from a our "Golden" or "Special" awards winners list.

Special Note:

As stated above the main objective of our Awards program is to show our appriciation for your dedication & hard work. Content & Contribution is "very" important in our critera for any site wishing to win an award It is also can be very difficult to judge. Because of individual tastes Our Judges, review sites with this in mind. Sites will not be judged by any reviewers personal taste for content (As long as the content fully meets the critera listed in regards to "Child Safe" viewing by "Site" content and it's links)

We look for a feeling of warmth and heart HTML knowlege is not that important to us Your belief and caring in what you are doing, your contribution to the web is.

Sites being promoted or advertised on
this site have our Personal recommendation