"The Saddle Rack"

Lines from The Leathertooler
Slim McNaught

The Saddle Rack

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Slim McNaught was recognized as one of the 8 Second finalists in the global Poet Lariat Laureate competition
for his poem, "Cold Weather Feedin'"


the snow crunches
the herd bunches
And the mares nicker in the cold,
their rumps facin'
to the wind, bracin'
As winter's forces take hold.
from the hay stack
I take a look back,
The horses are standin', heads low,
wind is whippin',
manes a' flippin'
As they bunch to ward off the blow.
as I pitch out hay
at the start of day
I marvel at these creatures I love,
as they wait for feed
for their body's need
I feel blessed by the Lord up above.
in this cold weather
they bunch together
By an instinct that's centuries old,
and the snow crunches
as the herd bunches
And the mares nicker in the cold.

This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Slim told us about his inspiration for the poem: You know, it don't make any difference what time of
year it is or what kind of weather you're in, if you just watch a bunch of horses for a few minutes doin'
what horses do, you will feel blest. This "Cold Weather Feedin'" is one of those times.

We asked Slim why he writes Cowboy Poetry and why he thinks it is important: Cowboy Poetry is a
heritage passed down to us from our ancestors, and we are fortunate enough to have the chance to
honor them by maintaining their principles and continuing their style of poetry.

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