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At "Cowboys n Cowgirls", we don't wish to compete with other publications. For one thing, were pretty new at this, and we "can't" compete. What you will find here is a down home style of reporting. Scroll down to see some outstanding "Rodeo" and "Behind the Chutes" Photography. We strive to promote youth, and those cowboys n cowgirls out there, that are following their dreams. Were here to bring you articles that are "behind" the scenes. "Rising Stars" and "Behind The Chutes" . Rodeo Photography , Slide Shows, and a story or two along the way.

In addition to Stars and Rising Stars, a little about the "People" behind the show. The lives, loves , hopes and dreams. New comers, or Old Timers. All those cowboys n cowgirls that are not so much in the "Lime light", Past and present. The Stock Contractors, the stock, the Volunteers , the cowboys n cowgirls that may not have made it big "yet". Those of Yesterday and Today, that help and have helped build "Rodeo" The old timers , or the folks in an office, making calls, buried in forms and paper work. And though we may not see them around, they are at every Rodeo, riding every ride, holding on for that 8 seconds, holding there breath while with the throw of each rope, turning barrels, or wrestling that calf. Rodeo is in their hearts, their souls, their lives. They stand for, and built the sport we all know and love today. All those that share in the "love" of Rodeo. They do what they do without recognition, fame or fortune. They do what they do simply because they love the sport, the life,

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