St* Dedicated to All the Members of our Military
Heartfelt appriciation for the safe keeping of our shores

Our prayers are with you, your famlies & friends
Thank you for your dedication. We pray for your safety each day.
With wishes for your safe & soon return home.

At Night He Dreams

In that place that lies on the horizon,
in the haziness between earth and sky,
He watches the ocean transform into tallgrass,
as back home to her he rides.

He sees her working the horses,
tending to their every need,
Scattering hay and talking to them,
saying his name as she feeds.

He knows she won’t ask for help,
because she is too proud,
The swelling in his heart presses him,
and he whispers her name out loud.

Time and space will keep them apart
until the war is finally done;
Because Freedom don’t come easy,
and liberty is always hard-won.

But he knows he’s right to be there,
as a defender of this life that they lead;
They are people tied to the land;
an entirely different kind of breed.

He takes care of what he is handed,
and he knows she’ll be alright,
‘Cause she’s the Cowgirl who captured his heart,
and who backs him at home in the fight.

She pulls herself up by the boot-straps,
‘Cause it’s the Cowgirl Way;
She’ll have home and horses waiting for him
when he rides back in one day.

He wonders if it’s just a mirage,
or if he really goes there each night,
And he watches her among the horses,
until she fades from his sight.

Then the tallgrass melts into the haze,
he’s on the ocean for one more day;
Tugging his boot-straps he faces the enemy,
‘cause that’s the Cowboy Way.

He’s just a Cowboy doing his job
far away in the armed forces,
And at night he watches the horizon and dreams,
of Her and home and horses.

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